Goutk bottles should be improved and innovative according to different purposes


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

At present, the production technology of the vial bottle is increasingly mature, and the superiority in the packaging is also unable to replace other containers. However, if you want the product to be based in the market, you must improve and innovate according to different purposes. Like some cosmetics industry, manufacturers should try to make aesthetics of the wide mouth bottle design, because if it is good, high-end cosmetics, the appearance is not high, will give consumers a "pirated" feeling, Customers will not look at it, let alone buy it.

Like the supermarket, it is used to make a sauce, rotiguce, the manufacturer can design better in the style of the wide mouth bottle, and of course attract attention, or thicken the bottle wall of the wide mouth bottle, because Most of the wide-mouth bottles to dress food are glass materials, the purpose is to prevent food from corrosion, but they are afraid of being fatal, so manufacturers must prevent this. The vial should be improved from different aspects, improve performance, and get everyone's recognition.

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