Will the exquisite plastic packaging attract people?


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

As the saying goes, people rely on clothes, horses, sad, this is the importance of packaging, even if the goods are the same, good packaging will definitely improve the grade of the product, only the grade, the consumer will feel that the product value is high, even The value of goods is not high, and the product value will increase by packaging! As the saying goes, the wool is on the sheep, and the packaging investment has more money, will be collected back in product sales! Every year, the media has reported the problem of excessive packaging of moon cake, then interviewed consumers, consumers say that excessive packaging is definitely not easy, but when they go to buy, the body is very honest, choose a good look that the packaging is on the package. Ask if you don't pay attention to packaging, don't ask this question, as long as you are still a businessman, you have to learn to pack the product. Let's talk about what the product's packaging is used.

First, the selling point is highlighted, some products need to be enlarged to sell some attracting customers, and the packaging should take the role of the persuasive people, how to buy it, this is a very important issue. Like Pioneer, these giants, when packaging, and even use psychology, sociology, and brain neurology test, the packaging design is multi-person purchase, what packaging is selected. Second, rising value.

If consumers are unable to distinguish the value of the product, they will evaluate the value of the product evaluation product through all the signals such as advertising, packaging, reputation, and the packaging looks high-end, the psychological price is high, and it is natural to sell a high price. The powerful person is to put a dollar product packaging like 10 fast, then sell three pieces, sell well three, people group positioning, your product will generally have product planning, it is your product to sell it, Targeted packaging design, you said that it is sold to the city whiter collar, but the bag is flowers, like selling it to the rural big mom, that can be sold.

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