Bottle cover sealing and balance


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   In fact, the production design of the cap is balanced between sealing and product use. The most basic function of a bottle cap is a sealing function. If there is no good sealing function, it cannot guarantee the hygiene safety in the bottle, such a bottle cover, no matter what function is unqualified.

Sealed is a primary function for the cap. In addition, it is also critical to the use of simple conveniences for a bottle cap. We all know that the bottle cover is in the process of opening, if the opening process is too complicated, it is a very bad thing for the consumer experience of the product packaging.

The sales of products will have a big impact. Therefore, the convenience of the bottle cover is also critical. However, the convenience and sealing of the cap are a pair of contradictions.

We know that the simple bottle cap will naturally affect the seal of the cap. At the same time, the better the sealing performance, it is difficult to achieve simple functions in terms of opening.   In short, for a bottle cover package, the perfect balance between the sealing and convenience of the bottle cover is not easy.

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