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Xinjiang disposable sterilization bottle processing enterprise, MGG offer. MGG is a well-known disposable plastic bottle, disposable sterilization bottle supplier, can supply high quality disposable plastic bottle, disposable sterilization bottle product, cavity The bottle of this bottle has an independent component to pre-measure the weight of milk powder and water. If you are ready to feed your baby, you only need to twist the top, you can take the initiative to mix milk powder and water. This bottle is most suitable for traveling as usual.

Antiless milk bottle This bottle can be adjusted according to the injection of milk, effectively cutting questions about the inflation, vomiting, snoring of the infant, vomiting, snoring due to overproduction. The newborn baby does not use anti-swelling bottle, straw and bottle grip to put these things in the future, so do not have to buy anti-flatulence, the time required to add. For the sterilization of the bottle, if you think just use hot water, you can sterilize and disinfect it.

Hot water can be sterilized, which is also seen which bacteria. Although most of the BING bacteria can be killed by high temperature, it can be unknown, and various microorganisms have different tolerance, such as some Bing bacteria, can be used at 85 ° C. Eliminate, and some Bing fungi need for a long time to be at a 100 ° C environment to be eliminated. If you want to take a hot water diarrhea to disinfection, then ensure that bacteria on the bottle can be lowered by water below 100 ° C, otherwise, 咱 is still old-fashioned choice reliable disinfection method Bar.

The material is different, and the disinfection method has different methods of abandoning hot water. The method of sterilizing and disinfecting. What else does it have any disinfection method? At present, general disinfection methods include traditional boiled disinfection, microwave disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection and steam disinfection. If your home is a glass bottle, any of the above disinfection laws, the effect is a lever! But it is important to pay attention to the glass quench heat can cause burst. If you like the traditional boiled disinfection method, remember Cold water, gradually heat it.

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