do you know? PET casual transparent food candy plastic bottles can also have these purposes, the professional knowledge of plastic bottles manufacturers make me open new understanding


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PET bottles generally seem to be a transparent bottle of food and health products such as food and health products, but with the improvement of living, there are more and more bottles, not just a drink, as long as you can It can be used to install, like this bottle into the table, and then equipped with an aluminum cover, and the grade is improved, unlike traditional wooden boxes or carton packaging, you can't see things inside, transparent plastic Bottle packaging, not only on the grade, but also to the internal equipment, you can see the details and colors of its products. When the consumer bought the product, the transparent bottle can also use it secondary, when the storage tank, etc., it will not be like other packages, and the bottle can be reused is also in accordance with the environmental protection requirements, and use multiple times in the bottle After you can use it, the transparent PET can also be recycled and polluted by the environment. Bottle caps can be used in different colors, different styles, and plastic lids themselves according to the needs of the product, which is very convenient, very convenient, strong metal cover, good gloss, plus different color grade will be higher, but The metal cover is much higher than the plastic, and the high-end products are very suitable, the lid or bottle can also be printed on the brand LOGO.

However, these are needed to re-mold can be made. If you want to have a different packaging bottle, you can also design the rough shape, and then make your desired blowing process according to the bottle shape designed. Bottle, but these are all needed to open the mold, and the mold is a very complex link. These must be communicated by professional people, and the mold will also increase a lot of expenses, if customized, because of unit prices It will be different from ordinary public bottle. Dongguan's rich bottle factory has these capabilities, which may provide customers with the services you need.

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