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Yunnan food plastic packaging bottle processing custom manufacturers, or MGG offer benefits. MGG is a plastic packaging box integrating R & D, production, sales, food plastic packaging bottle supplier, we will look forward to you with sincere service. For the current my country In order to protect food safety, standardize the food plastic bottle industry, my country should accelerate the development of food plastic bottle standards. A series of new standards improved the health standards of plastic packaging materials, and play a positive role in further strict and standardized food plastic bottles, and the safety of food safety has played a positive role, but currently my country still lacks perfect food plastic bottle standards. . Although there are many national standards and industry standards, it is the standards formulated around the plastic packaging materials, but the real food plastic bottle standard is still blank, and the food plastic bottle standard needs to be introduced.

Food safety issues in recent years have triggered extensive attention from all walks of life. The state has also developed and revised a number of regulations and standards related to food plastic bottles, issued a new version of the "Food Safety Law", and "food container" , Packaging materials use hygiene standards "," composite food packaging bag hygiene standards "," Polyethylene molded goods for food packaging "," food packaging with poly bing olee hygiene standards "and other standards for update amendments. There are more than 100 national standards in the current food plastic bottle materials and 111 industry standards. The lack of food plastic bottle standards has brought a lot of drawbacks.

Food production enterprises have no scientific basis when choosing packaging materials, and pursues low-cost food packaging, which in turn has neglected the packaging and health safety; there is no clear evaluation standard for excessive packaging, producers and consumers unclear For normal, it is excessive, and the management of excessive packaging can only stay in verbal and file; functional packaging does not match food, or it is functional failure, or the packaging material is exceeding food demand, There is unnecessary waste.

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