Yunnan manufacturers wholesale a disposable sterilized bottle which specifications?


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Yunnan manufacturers wholesale one-time sterilized milk bottle which specifications are all? MGG Our development is based on the needs of our customers, you can choose our products, please rest assured! Disposable bottle This bottle includes two parts: a hardelow bottle and a function of embedding into the bottle. This bottle can reduce the baby's inhalation of the gas. Because this pacifier can make the bottle gas before the baby can make the bottle, when the baby is in the milk, the pacifier will also take the gas to avoid the rated gas. This disposable pacifier can also have a lot of use, which can be embedded in the corner bottle to avoid middle earriting.

However, its defect is the liquid that cannot be accurately measured in the bottle. Boiled bottle This can be used for those with simple inhale gas and abdominal pain and do not like the one-time bottle. It is a good choice. This bottle has a spiral plan, so that you will be embedded with a cleaner rubber dish, this special eraser can make the air enter the bottom of the bottle instead of the nipple.

But in fact, in the process of feeding, appropriate gases are required. If there is no suitable gas, the bottle will constitute a vacuum, and the pacifier will also collapse. However, because the gas passes through the pacifier, it will be mixed in the milk or the breast milk, and the baby inhalation is simple to cause abdominal pain.

Therefore, if the gas is entered at the bottom, it is not simply mixed with the liquid, so the baby will not inhale bubble. And the two heads of the bottle can be removed, and it is more convenient to clean, and you don't have to worry about the situation of liquid leakage. Free bottle This bottle is convenient for some twins or many births of Mom and Dad, because this can be on the seat or a baby stroller.

A long 6-inch pipe is connected to the bottle mouth and the nipple, and some babies who can't hold the bottle and more convenience. Of course, this bottle is not often used, and it is very important to promote the development of parent-child relationships and babies. Campus bottle.

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