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Medicinal plastic bottles are one of the medical plastic products of production and sales zui. With the rapid development of domestic medical industries, domestic pharmaceutical plastic bottles will present a substantial growth. In this regard, Luo Baihui, head of the International Mold and Plastics Supplier Association, believes that domestic hollow equipment manufacturers should take this opportunity to grasp the development trend of plastic pharmaceutical plastic bottles, develop new and efficient, high-performance pharmacotic forming equipment, and strive Shorten the gap between international advanced technology and equipment.

From the basis of the variety of raw materials from the bottle, it is a non-crystalline resin raw material for polyain xi (PS) bottles, which has a good transparency, but the brittle is high, and the raw material molecule is Contains a benzene ring, it is not suitable for pharmaceutical packaging; there is a production polycarbonate bottle (PC), which has a high transparency, good intensity, but the price is relatively high; polyester bottle (PET), this material is used for this material The pharmaceutical packaging has a high degree of transparency, high intensity, and well-hoolen gas gas performance. It is widely used in pharmaceutical packaging; Polypropylene Bottle (PP), this bottle raw material is high-crystalline plastic, molecular arrangement neat and tight and molecular action Strong, the reaction is high in the bottle, the tensile strength is high, the gloss is good, the heat resistance is good, but the flexibility and transparency are poor, the amount of dosage is large in the drug packaging; high-density PET Xi (HDPE) bottle, this The raw material is crystalline plastic, has good impact strength, good chemical resistance, good environmental stress performance, relatively low price, is one of the bottle types of the large bottle of drug packaging application of today's drug packaging, and its application has exceeded 1 billion . The proportion of pharmaceutical plastic bottles in the market is gradually increased. The advantages of pharmaceutical plastic bottles are also significantly improved, so it is bright in the development of the medicinal plastic bottle in the future. According to incomplete statistics, the world's need to use the industry's demand for pharmaceutical plastic bottles is quite large, and the development of plastic packaging in the later pharmaceutical industry is a rapid development.

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