Cryogenic Tube


Our cryogenic tube is made of Medical grade PP material. It is the ideal lab consumable for biological sample storage. In the gas situation of liquid nitrogen, it can withstand temperatures as low as-196C. Silicone O-ring in the cap ensures no leakage, even in the standard lowest storing temperature, which will guarantee the sample safety.

1、Cryogenic Tube with external screw cap is designed for freezing samples;

2、The external screw cap design can reduce the contamination probability during sample treatment;
3、Cryogenic Tube with internal screw cap is for freezing samples in the gas situation of liquid nitrogen;
4、The silicone o-ring can enhance the sealing performance of the tube;
5、Withstand max 20kgcentrifugal force;
6、Flat bottom design is good for pouring liquids out with little residual;
7、Sterilized by EO or gamma radiation non-pyrogenic, no RNase/DNase.


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