Roll On Bottles


Roll on bottles can spread the product evenly on the surface of the skin, and the skin feels cooler after the roll-on, spreads evenly and has a massaging effect. It is generally used as cosmetic eye creams, perfumes, lipsticks, body lotions, face creams, essential oils, anti-acne liquids, anti-itch liquids, medicines, antipyretic gels and packaging for children's products. MGG group has been committed to developing and producing different styles of empty roll on deodorant bottles, providing customers with professional packaging solutions.

Our advantages of plastic roll on bottle:

1. The three-level structure is adopted, which is different from the four-level structure of other manufacturers. The removal of the ball frame can save the installation cost of workers.

2. Pass the vacuum test, not easy to fall off and leak.

3. Waist drum shape, easy to hold.

4. Provide labeling solutions.

MGG group is a professional roll on bottle manufacturer in China, with more than 15 years of experience in the packaging industry, long-term cooperation with Crystal, and a manufacturer you can trust. If you need custom roller bottles, please contact MGG, it will add value to your brand.


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