Deodorant Container


Empty deodorant containers is one of our mainly products, our factory offers plastic deodorant bottles and paper deodorant tubes, we can custom deodorant containers with customer's required. MGG group is a professional custom deodorant containers manufacturer & supplier in China, it has more than 15 years of manufacturing experience, high quality, reasonable price, welcome to customize.

Types of deodorant containers:

1. The plastic deodorant container is made of PCR recyclable materials imported from the United States to reduce the further pollution of plastics to the environment.

2. Eco friendly deodorant bottle is made of 80% paper tube and 20% plastic, minimizing the use of plastic.

3. Paper deodorant tubes are made from 100% paper tubes, which are biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.

Our advantages of custom deodorant containers:

1. 100,000-class dust-free workshop and passed ISO9001:2015 quality management certification and GMP auditing.

2. Own large mold room can provide free product testing mold.

3. Professional R&D teams provide free 3D design,free 3D printing.

4. The meticulous QC team is responsible for daily monitoring and 100% inspection of the products.


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