Best treatment method of fracture in plastic bottle production


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

     When the plastic bottle is cold and drawn, since the heat-rolled tube blank is made of crack or the high-precision cold drawn tube is made into a cylinder, there is almost no plastic deformation occurs during use, and it is generally brittle fracture. Brittle break is caused by a variety of reasons. As: When there is precipitates on the grain boundary, regardless of its strength than the matrix intensity or weak, it is the cause of cracks; the segregation of the clamps on the grain boundary is also a reason for breaking; in addition, even if it is far less than the yield limit The fatigue fracture is also caused by the variable load.

In general, hydraulic (pneumatic) parts use mechanical performance indicators used in design, all assume that materials are uniform, continuous, isotropic, according to this method analysis, and sometimes accidents Fracture accident. The study found that during the process of low-pressure brittle fracture occurring in high-intensity metal materials, the material tissue is far a uniform, isotropic. There will be cracks in the tissue, and there will be defects such as inclusions and pores, which can be seen as microcracks in materials.

In addition, brittle fracture is also related to the use temperature of the member. It is found that the material will change to a brittle state when the temperature is below a particular temperature value, and the impact absorption is significantly dropped. This phenomenon is called cold, so it is designed to work according to the operating temperature of the component. Select the material having a suitable cold transition temperature. The cold-drawing plastic bottle is too small, and the requirements of surface finish and size accuracy cannot be reached, and the strength indicator of the component is not met; the deformation is too large, the plastic bottle is plastic, and the toughness is too much, and the grain is pulled over. , Forming a fibrous tissue, metal has a significant anisotropy.

The axial direction of the cold pull seamless plastic bottle is parallel to the elongation direction of the grain, the strength rises; the radial direction of the plastic bottle, the elongation direction of the grain, is reduced, and the maximum stress of the hydraulic cylinder is existed. The radial direction of the seamless plastic bottle, so that the deformation is too large to give the performance of the cold drawing tube. For fibrous tissues, the fiber tissue and the dislocation, vacancy, etc., generally taken an annealing or normal heat treatment means to eliminate. The purpose of annealing is to refine grains, eliminate tissue defects, reduce hardness, improve plasticity, and facilitate cold processing.

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